Re-invent your break room with our new open market concept.

Our beautifully designed micromarkets bring gourmet foods, including fresh nutritious choices, to your workplace.

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Micromarket Kiosk

What is a micromarket?

Introducing Melbourne Vending Co’s unattended, self-checkout food facility.

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Sometimes your employees want more than even the most innovative vending machine can provide.

Melbourne Vending Co has the perfect solution for you.

A micromarket is a custom-designed, self-serve mini-convenience store located within your business.

Powered by a self-checkout kiosk, your employees have the choice of hundreds of products, including fresh foods stocked by local vendors.

The premium Melbourne Vending Co micromarket.

Facilitate a positive work environment, offer healthy office snacks, improve employee productivity and well-being, and enhance your company culture.

  • Tailored to you.

    We understand that all organisations are unique; each micromarket is designed around your team, space and the look and feel of the location.

  • Open 24/7.

    Melbourne Vending Co’s micromarkets provide choice on demand, regardless of the time of the day. Your team will no longer have to leave the office to find their favourite snacks and meals.

  • Fully self-service.

    No need for service calls – just use our secure, easy-to-use, self-checkout kiosks, which accept payment by cash, credit/debit card or mobile.

  • Huge product selection.

    Our micromarkets offer a wide product range including products meeting special dietary requirements such as gluten-free and dairy-free products.

  • Improve corporate culture.

    Nothing beats the atmosphere of our micromarkets. Make your team feel valued and improve company culture with our open room designs and cutting edge technology.

  • Easy and secure.

    Full CCTV coverage, and a fully secure touchscreen kiosk ensure a safe and convenient experience.

Let Melbourne Vending Co help you to create a fitter, happier, more productive office culture. Contact us for more information about our micromarket services.

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