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Trusted and loved by over 600 organisations throughout greater Metropolitan Melbourne.

What do we do?

We supply Melbourne-based businesses with premium, fully-stocked vending machines, free-of-charge.

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How it works - we meet with you on site

We meet with you onsite

An MVC representative will meet with you to assess your requirements including what machines are suitable for your organisation.

How it works - we deliver and install your machine for free

Free installation

MVC will deliver and set up your machine in a suitable location at your organisation. Installation is completely free of charge.

How it works - we stock, service and maintain your vending machine

Regular stocking

MVC will regularly stock your vending machines, and service and maintenance will be carried out free of charge to ensure maximum up-time.

How it works - enjoy the convenience

Enjoy the convenience

There are absolutely no hidden costs with Melbourne Vending Co. Get in touch now and enjoy the convenience of vending!

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Premium vending machines.

We supply only the latest, state-of-the-art vending machines

  • The latest in vending technology.

    All our vending machines come packed with the latest in vending technology. New coin mechanisms dramatically reduce 'eating' customers money; all machines are LED-lit, and built with stainless steel and brush black panels.

  • Superior energy efficiency.

    Our vending machines achieve up to double the energy efficiency of older machines due to improved insulation throughout the body, an argon-filled double-glazed glass front, LED-lighting and a German compressor that runs fewer cycles to achieve the same cool temperature.

  • Maximum variety.

    With 50 unique items available in each of our vending machines you can be sure that there will always be an item on offer to satisfy.

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First class service.

Client satisfaction is our first priority.

  • Extensive product range.

    As a progressive, independent operator, our product range is second to none. As well as all of the mainstream brands such as Coca Cola, Schweppes, V, Red Bull, Smiths, Cadbury, Nestle, and Mars, we're also an early adopter of new products as soon they hit the market, such as Nutty Squirrel, Beyond Coconut Water, and Cobs Popcorn.

  • Up to daily refills.

    There's nothing worse than an empty vending machine. We attend and stock our vending machines as frequently as is required to keep your vending machine full.

  • 24-hour turnaround times.

    In the rare event of a vending machine fault, we guarantee that we'll attend to your site within 24 hours.

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