Welcome to Melbourne Vending Co.

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About us!

We are one of the largest vending machine operators in Melbourne, supplying businesses and organisations throughout the metropolitan area with premium quality drink, snack and combination vending machines.

Our primary service is supplying Melbourne-based businesses with premium, fully-stocked vending machines, free-of-charge. The process is simple – we provide you with a machine, stock it and maintain it for the convenience of your staff or visitors!

If you are looking to rent a vending machine, to run yourself (selling standard or custom items), we also rent vending machines.

And lastly, if you are looking for our service interstate, we also operate nationally!.

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Why Melbourne Vending Co?

Our goal is simple.

It is to provide the most comprehensive and professional vending service in the market, which for us means three key things:

  • Only the highest quality vending machines with the latest technology.

    Our vending machines are all large, well-lit, attractive glass-front machines. All our machines are fitted with LED-lighting and double-glazed insulation to ensure low energy consumption. All vending machines are fitted with the latest SureVend technology to ensure product delivery or payment returned. Finally, all machines come fitted with the latest change givers and note acceptors, and for larger sites, credit card readers.

  • Vending machines fully stocked at all times.

    As vending machine users ourselves, we simply cannot stand walking up to a vending machine only to find that the product we want is out of stock! We stock our vending machines at most of our sites on a weekly to twice-weekly basis, and for our busiest sites, we stock our machines on a daily basis.

  • A huge product range of premium snacks, beverages and healthier choices.

    As an independent vendor, we operate unconstrained by exclusive distributorship arrangements and can thus stock any item that can fit in one of our machines. Our long list of options is sure to satisfy!