Vending machine rentals.

Yes, we rent vending machines!

Hire a vending machine!

We provide vending machine rentals to companies and organisations in Victoria, Australia. We hire out standard-configuration drink, snack and combination vending machines, as well as fully-customised machines tailored to vend your organisation’s specific merchandise.

Hiring a vending machine suits a range of companies and organisations, such as those:

  • with specific products that they seek to vend in custom configurations;
  • that have the capability and desire to stock their own vending machine to generate profit directly; or
  • that operate in remote locations, outside of our servicing range.

How does it work?

We enter into our standard equipment hire agreement with you where we retain ownership of the vending machine, and you have full rights to operate it. We provide you with training, and remain on call for service assistance in the event of a fault.

MVC rental machine

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