Privacy policy.

How we treat confidential information.

1. Introduction

Although the amount of information that may be provided to Melbourne Vending Co by you using Melbourne Vending Co’s website is minimal, we are committed to adopting the highest standards to safeguard personal information. This privacy policy outlines what information we may collect, and our use of it.

If you have any questions or concerns about personal information displayed on, or collected by, a Melbourne Vending Co web page or online system, please contact us

2. Data analytics

Melbourne Vending Co may use Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or other data analytics services to gather statistics about how our web content is used, and statistics about our visitors such as their browsers and geographic location. No personally identifying information is collected.

The information collected includes:

  • how visitors arrived at our pages
  • which pages are viewed and for how long, including the viewing time and date
  • the general geographical locations of visitors and the speed of their internet connections
  • technical information about the computers or devices used to browse pages, including the operating systems, browsers, plug-ins, screen types and default languages.

3. Other cookies and tracking

There may be additional cookies and tracking on some Melbourne Vending Co web pages for the purposes of:

  • creating anonymous usage statistics and analytics for the site or system
  • managing transactions across multiple pages
  • remembering your preferences for a system, such as text size

Some Melbourne Vending Co web pages may also contain embedded content from non-Melbourne Vending Co websites such as Google Maps map information and social media. This content may contain cookies from the originating site. Please refer to the original site for their privacy policies.

If you wish, you can set your browser to refuse or delete these cookies. Check your browser’s help information to find out how.

4. Emails and online form submissions

Records of your correspondence with us, including when you email us via our website, or contact us via an online form, are kept private and secure.