Frequently asked questions.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How much does it cost to have a vending machine installed?

Installation, maintenance and servicing of our vending machines is completely free-of-charge!

The only ongoing cost for your organisation is the provision of electricity for the machine. However, all machines we install are extremely energy-efficient. They come with the latest technology, including LED lighting and inert-gas insulation. Accordingly, the energy cost is similar to that of an ordinary fridge.

What do I need to do to have a vending machine installed?

Simply get in contact with us, and we will arrange the rest!

We can generally install one or more machines at your premises within 5 working days.

Can we choose what products the machine is stocked with?

Absolutely! As an independent operator we stock the widest variety of products on the market. Where we don’t stock a particular item, we can often still cater to requests within reason.

Please see our product page for more information.

How can payment be made with your vending machines?

All of our machines come fitted to accept Australian notes and coins. For large enterprises, we can also fit our machines with credit card payment systems.

How frequently do you stock your machines with product?

As often as is needed! Most of our machines are re-stocked at least once a week, and many are re-stocked multiple times a week.

What happens if our machine has a problem?

We have a 24-hour service response time policy but always endeavor to address the issue as quickly as possible.

Do you rent machines that we can stock ourselves?

Yes – we rent machines to a number of clients who stock their own machines, including in custom configurations to sell their own custom merchandise.

Check out our rentals page for more information.

Do you sell vending machines?

We work with major vending machines suppliers and can can direct you to our partners who can supply you with vending machines if you wish to purchase one.

Do you only operate in Melbourne?

No! We operate Australia-wide. Please visit our alternate website at for more information!